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standard drop on concrete. The Fluke is exceptionally accurate, with a 1% system measurement range. The Fluke 28II-E has been designed specifically to handle everyday electrical jobs. It has a built-in Autoranging feature, which provides maximum versatility in measurement, while minimizing effort. Fluke's user manuals are based on a plain language approach, for example, "If the 'welcome to the world of electricity' message is displayed, the Fluke is operating normally and no further action is required." The layout of the Fluke's electrical measurement system includes the main menu, which includes a detailed troubleshooting section. The manual also includes an extensive troubleshooting guide. The Fluke 28II-E also includes the Automated Workbench feature, which automates most of the work performed on the multimeter. It makes the job easier and faster than with paper-and-pencil calculations. This system allows for an accurate reading of a multimeter input, without the constant need for recalculation. All data is stored electronically and can be reset at any time. The Fluke 28II-E does not use fuses or shunts. History The Fluke 28II-E Ex was first released in 1996. The Fluke 28II was released in 1996. Features Fluke 28II-E Hardware The Fluke 28 II-E is constructed of cast-iron and is a 17.7 cm, (7") tall by 13.5 cm (5.2") wide instrument, weighing approximately 5.5 kg (12 lbs) or 16.8 oz. Operating system The Fluke 28 II-E is supplied with a Fluke DataMate 2000, which connects to the Fluke 28II-E via serial and USB ports. DataMate 2000 is a PC based software that provides real-time monitoring of the multimeter. DataMate can be operated from a Fluke 28II-E, or can be used with a standard PC. DataMate provides data-collection capability, viewing of data in graphs and tables, setting of alarm limits, and viewing and recording of diagrams of electrical circuits. DataMate works with a wide variety of multimeters including the Fluke 28, Fluke 28II-E, Fluke 189, Fluke 45 and the Fluke Network Utilities. Networking DataMate 2000 includes an internal modem, which

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